Meet the most innovative
diagnostic software for dental implant.
  • R2GATE Diagnostic and Planning Service
    Perfect planning for optimal implant positioning
    The R2GATE software allows us to design a top-down prosthetic driven treatment plan. The software features a unique module of combining CBCT and STL les (digitalized study model) for precise and accurate planning.
  • R2 Navi-Guide Service
    3D printed surgical guides
    R2 Navi-Guide surgical guides are manufactured by state of the art 3D printing technology and according to the agreed treatment plan. The procedure requires just the CBCT les and the study models.
  • Digital-EYETM
    The Digital-EYE function of R2GATE delivers an accurate & adatic diaganosis of the bone density and morphology by remaping the 256 different shades of the gray scale into colours. It enables us to predict an optimal drilling sequence for strong intial stability of the implant.
  • ONE-DAY Implant Service
    Delivering implants and prosthetics on the same day
    Restore function and aesthetics simultaneously at the surgical phase of treatment. All-in-one: Receive the treatment plan, sugical guide and prosthetics before the surgery date.